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FIREBALL RUN is The Most Epic Adventurally in America® a gripping and emotional 8 day, 2500 mile, life-sized trivia game, where America is the game board. 40 driving teams compete for glory, bragging rights, and a plastic road sign. All while aiding a massive effort to recover America's missing children.

The City of Page Arizona will be one of only 8 host destinations to be included inFIREBALL RUN: All Stars & Movie Cars. Participants include Shuttle Astronaut, Jon McBride; Lamborghini Legend, Valentino Balboni; and President of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Terry Stewart.

To successfully move about the country and score, driving teams solve clues and accomplish tasks based on host destination points-of-interest, history, and culture. The event is streamed live to a world-audience and filmed as part of an online series. In 2012 the FIREBALL RUN earned $44 million in associated media for participating destinations.

Although a trivia game, there is nothing trivial about its purpose or results. FIREBALL RUN is often referred to as "the most fun you will ever have, doing the most important thing you've ever done." As each FIREBALL RUN team is assigned a missing child from their home region and provided thousands of posters to distribute along the route. A decal featuring the child is affixed to the vehicle, creating a rolling awareness campaign. To date the effort has aided in the recovery of 38 missing children. FIREBALL RUN's philanthropic campaign called the

Race to Recover America's Missing Children is also the largest active effort for missing and exploited children in the country.

Aside from its scenic beauty, Page Arizona was selected by producers due in part to it's community charm, quirky history, and economic outlook. "Producers are cognizant the driving teams are influential leaders and take into account area vitality. In my opinion Page Arizona is a wholly under-discovered destination with limitless appeal and economic opportunity." said Matthew Morak, the productions Junior Public & Community Affairs Liaison. "This show is less about FIREBALL RUN than it is about the genuine people we encounter and the places we adventure to. Page has a story, not many have heard it, and that makes it perfect for FIREBALL RUN." said Executive Producer J. Sanchez.

FIREBALL RUN begins in Colorado September 20th and finishes September 28th in California. Teams and crew will overnight in Page, however the exact date of filming locations are to be determined.

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Where: Page, AZ September 24, 2013

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