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People take their outdoor adventures seriously and camping is a great way to escape the rat race and be one with nature. With reasonable rates, amenities and class A facilities, you don’t have to “rough it” to camp year round at numerous established RV Parks and Campgrounds in and around the Page and Lake Powell area.

If you are exploring the lake, fishing, or playing on the water you quickly realize that most of the lakes shoreline is only accessible by boat. So, dispersed camping is permitted anywhere along the shore of Lake Powell except within a mile of the marinas, Lees Ferry or Rainbow Bridge. But the most feasible camping sites are along the main channel and there are some smaller, more secluded sites within some of the finger canyons. It can be quite an adventure just finding the right shoreline spot to camp. 

For the true outdoor enthusiast to feel right at home, camping is also allowed away from the lake in the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area if you care to hike.